Exeris-Partners is composed of specialists in the direct recruitment of senior executives, business experts, and high potentials in the digital sector.

We take on the challenge of executive headhunting. We look for executives and people in key positions who can successfully manage the tasks and challenges of innovative and growing companies. Executive and senior management recruitment is a delicate process in which attention to detail and requirements are essential.

The competition for senior managers, professionals and talent has intensified as working patterns and employee preferences have changed dramatically in recent years following the Covid crisis.

Very often the candidate we are looking for for our clients is not in the market at all and people who are not looking for a new position can be the best candidates. These people are open to new opportunities, and we know how to reach them and connect with them effectively.

Exeris-Partners has access to databases of over 5,500 professionals. For each new position, we conduct extensive research and activate our address book to proactively approach the best candidates. We conduct the sourcing process discreetly and proactively after defining clear and precise specifications with the recruiting company. This allows us to select the right candidates and clearly communicate the details of the position.

We differentiate ourselves by our knowledge of the talent market in France and Europe by prioritizing our address books and by not relying solely on social networks to find the best profiles.

Our expertise is particularly focused on the following positions

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