Pre-Sales Director

Pre-Sales Director

The Pre-Sales Director is responsible for the entire pre-sales process with customers and is responsible for the quality of the development of commercial offers at various levels: response strategy, technical-functional solution, added value for the customer. He/she leads the pre-sales department and contributes to identifying the feasibility and profitability criteria of pre-sales files in conjunction with the sales team, project teams and the customer.

What are the missions of the Pre-Sales Director?

The Pre-Sales Director:

Role and Responsibilities :

The Pre-Sales Director:

  • Develops and figures the solution that meets the customer’s business need,
  • Works with the sales team to ensure that the financial estimate covers all aspects of the solution.
  • Contributes to the development of the portfolio of offerings.
  • Participates in discussions with the client and in the presentation of the proposal if necessary.
  • Responsible for the delivery of the proposal, the technical solution and the financial proposal,
  • Supports the sales process during presentations by ensuring the technical and functional quality of the files presented.

    Required qualities to succeed in this role?

    The Pre-Sales Director must:

    • Have good writing skills
    • Know how to work with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, being objective and having good analytical and assertive skills;
    • Ability to respond quickly to current priorities;
    • Ability to share and formalize knowledge, feedback and vision in his/her field of expertise.

    Candidate Profile Wanted

    Graduated from an engineering or business school, the Pre-Sales Director has a solid experience in a similar position (Pre-Sales Director, Sales Director or Project Director), within a software publisher, integrator or consulting firm. He/she masters the pre-sales process for complex offers and the corresponding methodologies.

    How much does a Pre-Sales Director get paid?

    A Pre-Sales Director earns an average annual compensation of between 100,000 and 200,000 euros gross, depending on the organization and the number of pre-sales engineDers to manage.

    A Pre-Sales irector with less experience or sales manager earns around 100,000 € As for the experienced pre-sales director and member of a management committee, his salary can even exceed 250,000 euros gross for one year. This remuneration can be supplemented by incentive bonuses and can also evolve according to his skills. The salary also depends on the organization in which the pre-sales manager works and the missions he/she is given.

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