Regional Vice-President

Regional Vice-President

A regional vice president oversees department operations within a region, ensuring efficiency at all times. They are primarily responsible for participating in creating the company’s vision, mission, and goals, implementing them in the areas where they are assigned. They are also accountable for setting budgets and plans, devising strategies to boost sales, and evaluating department performances. The Regional Vice President (RVP) leads and expands business, together with driving strategy within an European region (Southern Europe, Western Europe, UKI, Nordics, …). He is focused on growing revenue through new customer acquisition and existing customer expansion.

As the regional vice president, they must monitor all departments’ growth and progress, encouraging them to reach new heights. Furthermore, they mainly report to high-ranking officials such as the president or company board members.

Skills required to be a RVP

Key skills and qualities sought for a Regional VP position are listed below, all of which are equally important:

Experience and qualities required to be a RVP

RVP usually comes from the following fields

– Sales Director

- Management

– Country Manager

Regional VP position requires a 15+ years of relevant sales experience, 5+ years of experience with managing and building sales teams with

  • Strong ability to coach and bring teams to higher performance standards and hit targets
  • Deep understanding of the entire sales funnel and cycles
  • Ability to create a culture of excellence: recruiting top talents, developing repeatable processes, and empowering people
  • Experience in defining and implementing a sales strategy in a scalable environment
  • Successful track record exceeding sales goals,
  • The ability to speak additional languages is preferred, including English.

What are the possible career paths for a RVP?

A Regional Vice President is a very hierarchical manager in a company. The best way for a  Regional Vice President to progress is to join a larger organization. However, he or she may be eligible for more responsible positions such as Senior Vice President covering a larger Region like Europe, EMEA, US, APAC…

How much does a RVP earn?

A RVP earns on average an annual remuneration of between 250 000€ and 500,000 euros gross, depending on the organization and the number of sales people to be managed.

The salary of an RVP does not follow a constant trend and is not defined by an institution. This remuneration can be supplemented by incentives and can also evolve according to the skills. The salary also depends on the organization in which the sales manager works and the tasks assigned to him/her.

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