Alliance Manager

Who do we call Alliance Manager

The Alliance Manager grows and develops the business with the companies in his/her partner portfolio.
The Alliance Manager is responsible for managing the relationship between two or more companies. He/she is responsible for developing and creating new products, services and/or markets in order to generate additional revenue for both companies.
Within this framework, he/she must develop strategies that will allow both companies to take full advantage of the partnership. This may include determining which products or services should be developed jointly and how they should be marketed.


What are the tasks of the Alliance Manager?

The Alliance Manager is responsible for building trusting relationships with partners, increasing the company’s market share, evangelizing the partnership and coordinating all commercial interactions, from the engineer to the CxO
Reporting mostly to the Director of Alliances in a large organization or to the Commercial Director in a smaller organization, the Alliance Manager will work closely with the strategic partners in his/her territory.
He/she will develop and execute successfully the business plan that he/she will have established and validated by his/her management, the main stakeholders of his/her company and the management of his/her partner.
He will ensure regular contact between his partners and the sales team of his company, and will negotiate the partnership contracts.
The Alliance Manager must have a deep understanding of large and complex organizations, working closely with marketing, sales, pre-sales and product managers.

What are the Valued Skills And Experience expected for an Alliance Manager?

A formal qualification is not required for the Alliance Manager position. However, experience in similar roles or in the same industry (Cloud, Data, CRM…) is considered very valuable. If candidates have degrees, they typically come from the following fields.
    – Commerce or Business Administration,
    – Marketing
The skills required are quite broad, as the Alliance Manager must be able to speak and act at many organizational levels. He/she must be diplomatic, pressuring to align all parties and keep them aligned. He must have entrepreneurial skills to develop new offerings.
The Alliance Manager usually has at least 10 years of sales experience. For successful partnerships it is important that they are seasoned professionals who have held multiple roles and often have a background in sales or business development.
They must have strong business acumen and leadership skills, be a team player and be able to work effectively within different organizations and create unique approaches to developing new products.

What are the possible next jobs for an alliance Manager?

The best way for an alliance manager to advance is to join a larger organization. However, he or she can move up to positions such as Account Manager, or to more responsible positions such as Alliance Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager…

What is the salary of an Alliance Manager?

An alliance manager earns on average between 80,000 and 150,000 euros gross per year, depending on the organization and the number of alliance specialists to manage. A less experienced alliance manager earns around 80,000 euros gross. An experienced Alliance Manager can even earn more than 150,000 euros gross per year. However, the salary of an alliance manager does not follow a constant pattern and is not defined by an institution. This remuneration can be supplemented by incentives and can also evolve according to skills. The salary also depends on the size of the company.

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